Saturday, 31 December 2011

Street Update

SO i'm nearly finished on modelling this street, it was taking a lot long than I thought I went with a lazy idea of copy and pasting most of the building but in a different order to show varity.

I'm happy with how it looks, I'm not bothered about the uv's for the moment because most of them wont be used. The ones that will be used will be sorted out first.

To save time I will model the subway station entrance in this scene so I can used to building around it.

The next steps for me is to add accessories like lamps, mail boxes, etc... Apply the shaders, Render it all and then create matte paintings to extend the background.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Soooo... Many. UVs!!!..... I mean YAY UVS!!!!!

This has taken a lot longer than first anticipated, however this was the most detailed room and all the props inside the room will be used to flesh out the other sets, e.g the General's office.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Update on the Science Room - Wall Colour

Science Room update

Almost there with the modelling, just a couple of things left to flesh out the place. I'm really liking this! The room is very busy and well arranged. My only issue at the moment is, does is look like a scientist's room or an office? Maybe I will look for some objects to add to bring it back and make it look more scientific. However if this gets the greenlight then.... woop :D

Science Room - Improvements and Developments

I felt the large window wasn't working so I cut it down to two small versions either side of a wall and I think it looks a lot better. Curtains will be added in time. I have added a couple of lamps and frames to flesh out the decor.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Science Room

For the lab room I looked at the science room in "The Deadly Mantis".

So its just a Lab in a terrace like house and thats what I have kept in mind whilst doing it.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Group Work - Modeling the Environments

Just to catch up on the week, I have taken control of the environment modelling and started with the Empire State Building.

And then added style to it.

General's Office - A lot of work needed

And finally the mainframe for the Science lab.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Maya Tutorials

I have been trying not to fixate too much on the following the tutorial second by second. Instead I am modelling the character from memory of the classes and put my own twists on problems I come across and if I get stuck, I will refer back to the videos. Anyways this is what I got.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Grasping the techinques learnt in the character project

I wanted to reflect on what I've learnt over the last 10 weeks and work on the things that I feel need work. For example to progress in character design I would like to improve on my drawing and photoshop skills. I am aware that this wasn't the essense of the project but I feel this is where I lacked more and would like to improve.

So with no strings attached I just started drawing some simple shapes and figures. This lead me to draw this female warrior called "Widow". 

I like the body shape of this character and the power she is showing. I took this into photoshop and I'm going to work on this steadily over a long time, improving the areas that need improving and not holding back. I want to look at different ways I could paint this and make it a bit more dramatic than my other work. Then I'm in photoshop I tend not to experiment with different brushes or customs brushes, I normally stick with the default. So I'm very excited about where this could go and this is what I have so far...

 For the base colour I want to use bold colours to contrast with the black. I'm obviously keeping in mind the Black Widow which is what she is inspired from. Possibly Spiderman and Mary-jane's love child? 

For more reference I will be looking at Lara Croft and Bayonetta because they are very strong female characters with a lusting side.

Anyway let me know what you guys think :D

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Sidekick Turnaround

Rider and loyal steed

This was more difficult than I expected, I wanted the hero to look big enough to be power but I wanted the sidekick to be big enough to carry him. However I didn't want him to be too big because his hyperactive nature would look a little odd and he would be smashing everything.

I'm happy with this turnout, it's good to see the two of them together.

Sidekick Expression sheet

Here is the expression sheet for the sidekick, I tried to capture the playful characteristics of a puppy and the extreme change of emotion they have. I tried hard to make sure each colour was the right one for each emotion.

I thought that these expression down show the full characteristics of the character so I chose to do full body images.

I wanted to show his full nature and found that it is very easy to full in love with this character.