Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Variations of chainned arms and flesh arms - comments please

I was advised to see what it was like to have chainned arms and fleshed arms on the same body.

My favourite is 3 and 4 because I like that the back arms could be extend in battle to hit a far target.

Number Seven's improvements - Comments please :D

I added the extra arms back in because I like the deadly warrior presence they give the character. I also added a hide cloak on the back to add more essence of vikings.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Silhouette development - Comments or opinion please

I have been ill for the last couple of days which has stopped me from doing anything. However i had a lot of time to think about Loki and how to finally have him look. It was about time I asked myself, what does this character look like, what is his objective, what does he like doing, etc. I found out rather quickly that I don't really know the answer to any of the questions, and this is becuase I had so many ideas on what he could be and what he could look like instead of actually zoning in on the important final look.

I have already missed my personal deadline which was on sunday and have had to move to a week later. Character designs and concepts WILL be polished and completed for sunday 4th of march.

I still have all my drawing on the wall and spent a whole dayjust staring at them, trying to see what I like the most, what would truely fit with Loki character and also trying to solve the srabbled puzzle of his appearance in my head.

There is plenty I like and a LOT I don't like but I loved the trial and error before getting this solving stage.

I have now taken those parts I like and used them to create Silhouttes. Before I did this I drew another sketch that I had been thinking about during the illness. I researched Fleas under an electron microscope which I forgot to put on here, Whoooops!

This is what I got -

These are interesting, like the scaled armour and the weird face.

I created a silhouette from the drawing and then fixed and added a few things.

If your looking at this post could you let me know which number is your favourite, Possibly why and improvements you would make.

My person favourite is seven, I really like the dominate look he has, and the chained arms give him something no other characte has. Although I can't imagine them working, maybe a little tweak is needed.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Finding a basic form

I have been developing the basic form a little more over the weekend. I'm still trying to find that one amazing design that when I see it, I think YES I HAVE THE CHARACTER!!! I think that I'm half way there, I like quite a few of the designs and would love to see them up as a CG characters, however I still haven't found the perfect actor for the roll of Loki.
Time is running out, and the personal deadline is coming up fast so this week I will be very busy. It's a little worrying but exciting because I want to really free up my mind and let absolutely everything in.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Inspiration for form and look

Loki is the god of mischief and fire, he's a giant, he's a trickster, and agile. These are all very hard to combine with each other, I want to look at something in nature that could help me combine them to have a better understanding of the character. I have decided to take a look at volcanoes (Stay with me here), Volcanoes are very destructive and powerful, the lava that erupts create beautiful patterns that can also make new forms, it is fast and agile. The smoke and steam is free but still dangerous and can be interpreted as dark magic orea or something like that. Also with volcanoes, most of the activity happens below the surface, just like it is being mischievious....

I have found some images of volcanoes doing what they do best, some of them are pure amazing!!!

Lava Eruptions

Smoke and steam

Cooled Lava flows

This influence map of cooled lava flows is my favourite set of images, I find it really interesting how the cooled rock now look like cloth more than it looks like rock.

Visualising Loki via characters that are already in film - Con Air

I have been adviced to take a look at characters I already know that are in films that portray the same characteristics of who my Loki is. Loki is an evil genious that has been chained up so he doesn't cause harm so basically I see a locked up convict, mass murderer and an enchained psycho. What comes to mind is two characters in Simon West's 1997 film "Con Air". The two characters in mind are John Malkovich's Cyrus (the Virus) and Steve Buscemi's Garland Greene.

John Malkovich's Cryus the Virus:

This character is the smart-master-plan, highly dangerous convict that will kill anyone in his way. He's always moving, he's always planning and always acting on impulse. His characteristics of being dangerous and constantly planning the next move is what makes me remember how I want Loki to be. 


Steve buscemi's Garland Greene

This character is perfect for Loki, he is so evil deep inside that the other convicts are scared of him. His character is even more scarier because he never shows the dangerous side, but you always must keep an eye on him, just in case. This sense of danger is exciting in a character, because most of the characteristics are left up to the viewers imagination. So the character is as dangerous as you will allow him to be.
I also like the way he shows that he is a very clever character, but so clever that it has overtaken him


Saturday, 11 February 2012

Personal Deadline

Just to keep myself on track, I will set myself a deadline for finished a character design ready for modelling. That deadline is SUNDAY 26TH FEBRUARY, this will be the end of week four and leaves me with 7 weeks to model, texture and everyhing else to polish off the character.

This is the check list that needs to be complete by the deadline.

 - Silhouettes and Initail Drawings
 - Zoned in drawings
 - Getting close to final design
 - Anatomy designs and Analysis
 - clothing and Accessories
 - Turnarounds - Front, Back, Side, Arm top and Side, Head front and Side - Coloured versions for presentation
 - Photoshop concept art
 - Facial Expressions - At least 10 (Unless there is no face)
 - Body Stances and Attacks
 - Final Pose


20 - 30 minute sketches

For the last couple of hours I have been doing a few quick sketches, just to find shapes and create new forms. I have been a little short tempered today, so I thought I would draw that anger down. The anger has been washed away and I'm happy with the results created..

On our last meeting, Alan told me to focus more on who Loki is by fnding words that describe his character. I came up with, Twisted, Bent, Bulky, Giant, Animalistic, Powerful, Evil, Mutated, Strong and Trickster.

The next thing to do on my list is 5 minute drawings. This will allow me to losen up and create just basic shape which I can work on later.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Silhouettes Part three: Indian Ink Drawing

This was a lot of fun and I got some great results. I felt like I was in a therapist session! Everytime I look at the images I see a different form and shape.

I have drawn some sketches from the forms I saw in the images:

Very happy so far!

Silhouettes part 2: Silhouette drawings

This task was rather enjoyable, however I found it ahrd to come up wth shapes. So I wasn't gaining anything from this.

Until I lifted the paper and realised that the pen had gone through and created mixers of shapes. The blocked out version looks really cool. 

Silhouettes Part one: Ink Drop Silhouettes

Alan gave me advice to drop ink into water to create different shapes that I wouldn't normally think of. The effect worked brilliantly and this is what I have so far.

Day one

Day two



I have printed of the ones I like, and from this I will cut them up and make a collage of different shapes to create a form.