Thursday, 16 February 2012

Inspiration for form and look

Loki is the god of mischief and fire, he's a giant, he's a trickster, and agile. These are all very hard to combine with each other, I want to look at something in nature that could help me combine them to have a better understanding of the character. I have decided to take a look at volcanoes (Stay with me here), Volcanoes are very destructive and powerful, the lava that erupts create beautiful patterns that can also make new forms, it is fast and agile. The smoke and steam is free but still dangerous and can be interpreted as dark magic orea or something like that. Also with volcanoes, most of the activity happens below the surface, just like it is being mischievious....

I have found some images of volcanoes doing what they do best, some of them are pure amazing!!!

Lava Eruptions

Smoke and steam

Cooled Lava flows

This influence map of cooled lava flows is my favourite set of images, I find it really interesting how the cooled rock now look like cloth more than it looks like rock.

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