Thursday, 2 February 2012

A collection of Final Fantasy Bosses

I have been having trouble thinking of how to start designing, I have the character bio so I have some idea but I want the basic idea to be really good! I would like to have Loki look relatively human but with a mutation of evil applied to it. So I am already narrowing things down to work on, however when I put pencil to paper, all ideas are gone!.

So I wanted to go back to what games I play and look at the bosses that I have already played against, and hopefully this could give me some ideas.

What I like about this characters is their dominance as a character/monster. The main thing the final boss character must have, is the "WOW" factor! I want my character to have this. What I mean is, is I have been playing a game for 70+ hours and get to the final boss I want to feel that the time was well spent. I want the character to be worth 70+ hours of playing time, or designing time!

These last three concepts are my favourite, I like how symbols have been used as solid artifacts on the characters. I have already found some Norwegian and Viking symbols that I would like to integrate into my character.  

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