Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Loki in Ultimate form - Character Bio Version one

The bio for this character will help me visualise and design his looks and movement. When creating the bio I must think about strengths and weakness, his limitation, his power as well as his looks. I need to think about this because for example if he is a massive and muscular creature then he wouldn't be able to move as freely as a slender character.

So this is character bio version one

Name: Loki
Status: The god of Mischief
Special Abilities: Cast and Control Powerful Dark Magic, Favours the energy of fire, Shape Shifter, Pure Evil, Flight
Species - Unknown
Currently lives: Asgard
Height 30ft
Figure/Build - Bulky, Strong, Animalistic
Skin colour - Tinted blue, Earthy brown, Gold Finish, Dirty Orange
Tattoos - Celtic Symbols
Preferred type of clothing - Partially robed
Combat - Powerful Fighting skills, Powerful Magic Attacks, Resistant to most magic
Strength - Chest Pendant -  Store maximum magic and energy, Takes time to charge, realises the special attack.
Weakness - Chest Pendant - High amount of damage taken if hit hard enough
Weapon of choice - Large Viking axe and a Scimitar type blade

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