Monday, 6 February 2012

Loki Character Designs so far...

It has been a nice couple of days of drawing, I have been trying to improe my drawing skills and just seeing what I can come up with. So I haven't been thinking about what I have been drawing too much to allow the freedom of creative.

I have come up with some stuff that I really like, I like the strength and mutation in most of the designs. What I don't like is the legs on all of the drawings, I just think it doesn't suit the dark and powerful nature of this character.

This coloured version is my favourite so far, I like how the human and evil mix works for the character. However there is plenty wrong with it. The tail for example makes the character look too Egyptian. I really like the symbol at the back, that work well. The best thing about this piece is that he looks dark and magical.

My biggest problem at the moment is that I don't see Loki's character in these design, I just see monsters. I will go back and reteach myself who Loki is.

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