Thursday, 16 February 2012

Visualising Loki via characters that are already in film - Con Air

I have been adviced to take a look at characters I already know that are in films that portray the same characteristics of who my Loki is. Loki is an evil genious that has been chained up so he doesn't cause harm so basically I see a locked up convict, mass murderer and an enchained psycho. What comes to mind is two characters in Simon West's 1997 film "Con Air". The two characters in mind are John Malkovich's Cyrus (the Virus) and Steve Buscemi's Garland Greene.

John Malkovich's Cryus the Virus:

This character is the smart-master-plan, highly dangerous convict that will kill anyone in his way. He's always moving, he's always planning and always acting on impulse. His characteristics of being dangerous and constantly planning the next move is what makes me remember how I want Loki to be. 


Steve buscemi's Garland Greene

This character is perfect for Loki, he is so evil deep inside that the other convicts are scared of him. His character is even more scarier because he never shows the dangerous side, but you always must keep an eye on him, just in case. This sense of danger is exciting in a character, because most of the characteristics are left up to the viewers imagination. So the character is as dangerous as you will allow him to be.
I also like the way he shows that he is a very clever character, but so clever that it has overtaken him


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