Wednesday, 29 September 2010

very quick idea

I've just had this idea when reading about a werehyena. I've been looking for a way to have a very subtle splice of hyena and human, rather than just half and half. And according to the information giving from this site,( ), if you expect someone of being a werehyena, they would either have no shadow or the shadow of a hyena, even with the form of a human. And i thought this would be a great concept to work with. And i haven't had many lessons on photoshop so i thought i would just g straight into it. You don't learn if you don't try. But i do appologise for the awefullness of the result!
I'm not saying this could be the idea that i move forward with but its defently one i will persue in research and ideas.

Maya dice

i wasnt present at the tutoial but the tutorial of the uca website was very very useful! it was a privaledge to learn things about maya, and i can't wait to make more things. Especially animated objects! I found the whole thing rather straight forward, somethings on the other hand didnt go to plan but in time it all worked. i have made the cubes twice now, i though i would do it again do learn it more, trying it without the video. i had to go back to the video once or twice but it was a good result .

Tuesday 28th september - second life drawing class.

I wasn't really in the right frame of mind this week, but i believe my work is a lot better this time around.... odd.........

Anatomy drawings from the last couple of days and research.

hopefully this is subtle....

A 20 second drawing ...

10 minutes in the library on a very busy day, got a couple of sketches of people as they walked by, or stood at the printers.

I got a book out of the library called Figure Drawing by Victor Perard, it is a very good collection of sketches. i erge anybody who hasnt seen it or anybody that is having trouble with the anatomy, to go and have a look. Mainly because it starts very simple and advances into more complex drawings as you go through the pages.

Heres some of my sketches that i took through observation of the book...

If you want to take a look at the book, go to the library and look under 743.4 PER. I will put the book back first thing thursday morning...

tuesday 21st september. first life drawing class

3d views of my summer project ( late posting, my bad :) :)



Life form

i am really happy with my final drawings, throgh development i gave them character,so it would hopefully help me create a more realistic drawing. for example the alien creature is evil but likes to dress up in his spare time! something you wouldn't expect, but thats how he is. The structure could be his home, and the machine can be the shuttle of the god guy perhaps. the machine flies in the air and also dives under the sea so it can go anywhere.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

anatomy - hand in photoshop

Anatomy - Spotted Hyena (Croctura Croctura)

'Spotted hyenas are the largest members of the hyena family. They are dog-like animals with a sloping body, as their front legs are longer than their hind legs. They have a short, sandy coat, covered with dark brown spots on the body and legs. Females have enlarged sexual organs, which are difficult to distinguish from the males'. These are displayed in meeting ceremonies, which reinforce social bonds and hierarchies.
As well as scavenging, spotted hyenas hunt medium to large hoofed mammals. They are efficient hunters, and as well as targeting young antelope, they are also capable of bringing down animals as large as buffaloes and zebras. They consume about 3-6kg of meat daily. They have extremely powerful teeth and jaws allowing them to crush bones and feed on the nutritious marrow inside. They have highly concentrated hydrochloric acid inside their stomachs allowing them to digest bones. As well as meat and bone, spotted hyenas supplement this with fruits, eggs and invertebrates.
Spotted hyenas are often seen in groups called clans, which can range in size from 5-80 members. They are female-dominated - all males are subordinate to all of the females. Males leave the clan that they were born in when they reach adulthood, but females tend to stay and inherit their mother's rank. The clan defends a territory from intruders, and the territory can range in size from 40-1000 sq km. Spotted hyenas are most active at night.'

Be afraid, be very afraid!!! THE FLY 1986 review

Now this was a brilliant film, I've never watched a David Cronenberg film before but after this masterpiece, i will defently keep my eye out for some of his work. I've always been a big fan of Jeff Goldblum and his performance in ' the fly ' as the fly was outstanding!!

I prefer this remake for so many reasons! the main one being that the main character was in fact the scientist that eventually turns into the fly. other reasons would be, the make up, the effects of the resulting giant fly, the acting is soooooo much better!

I'm not a fan of horror at all! But i was really really interested in this film, i loved the levels of decay from human to fly was shown. the removal of the finger nails was cringing and the advancement of powers, i.e the ability to walk of the walls and ceiling was a very nice touch. the teleportation was soo much more thought about this time around, for example the way the subject had to be naked to be transpoted, otherwise the clothes and the character could become combined. It was very interesting to see the character change physically but also emotionally. At first he is a sweet guy, who is only interested in his work, doesn't like the idea of living large; he uses the same outfit everyday to save wasting thoughts on what to wear. As the mutation starts, you can see him changing emotionally before physically. He becomes violent and agressive to the woman he loved.

The contrast at the end was very suprising to me because you see this monster with no human physic anymore come out of the teleportation pod, and i was thinking, more diaster is on its way, but then the thoughtfullness of Seth Brundle is shown again as he knows he must distroy himself. I thought that was a somewhat uplifting way to end the film..

'Truly great – but very nasty'
'David Cronenberg is an extremely crafty guy, however, and if his career has demonstrated anything, it’s that he has a singular ability to dig unexpectedly potent ideas out of apparently hollow'

' 'The Fly' takes only the basic set-up of the original and spins a whole new (and far scarier) story.'

I would just like to point out, the female didnt have the abortion.......

The Fly (1958) review

Right I don't exactly know how to write this, but I'm just going to go ahead and get it done.

The Fly made in 1958, directed by Kurt Neumann. Personally I thought this film was good for its date, I mean its an old film, I wasnt expecting a lot. If I was to pick out a really bad point about this film, it would be the acting! I found it quite aweful, except Patricia Owens performace as helene Delambre. She made her character very mysterious but lonely aswel, as if you felt her pain throughout the film.

The fly 'man's' head throughout the ending of the film, started to become more and more creepy as the film went out. As if i started to believe that was infact a half man half fly. I liked that character in the sense of the realism it brings to the film.

The style of the film was somewhat interesting, the film starts at the end of he story and the main core of this film is flashback. The flashback became interesting, whilst the rest of the story didn't really interest me at all. I couldn't quite understand why the story was based mainly on Helene Delambre instead of her husband Andre Delambre played by David Hendison. I think the film would have been a lot better if the story was soully on Andre, with helene popping in every now and then. A part of the film that was missing and I believe should be there is the teleportation of the fly and Andre and the result of them combining.

The contrast at the end of the film was a little odd for me. A happy family after an exremely dramatic event, it's as if at this point, its where they all go insane, and pretend nothing has happened....

'Vincent price does a work-man like job in a rather blase part. Unusally he adds a special touch to a film, but really, any number of actors could have played his part here...'

'During the scene where the wife follows her fly-husband’s wishes and puts him in a hydraulic press, there is no music and hardly any sound. So many movies of the era have that bom-Bom-BOMMMMMM music playing over every single action moment, it was completely refreshing to see one played subtle for once...'

'Visually, The Fly is several cuts above typical 1950s sci-fi fare'


Monday, 20 September 2010

unit 1 - anatomy

First unit of the year, anatomy, I'll be honest I've had some experience in this, I actually turned myself into a wolf for my year 11 project. I was giving an animal that I really like; in the sense of looks, power and mental actions. That animal is a spotted hyena, an intelligent pack hunter. I already have loads of ideas in my head, but I want to keep thinking so I have a lots and lots of ideas so i'm not stuck on just a few! I have already done a few sketches of me, my hands, feet and the hyena. Would love to know what you all think of them.