Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Be afraid, be very afraid!!! THE FLY 1986 review

Now this was a brilliant film, I've never watched a David Cronenberg film before but after this masterpiece, i will defently keep my eye out for some of his work. I've always been a big fan of Jeff Goldblum and his performance in ' the fly ' as the fly was outstanding!!

I prefer this remake for so many reasons! the main one being that the main character was in fact the scientist that eventually turns into the fly. other reasons would be, the make up, the effects of the resulting giant fly, the acting is soooooo much better!

I'm not a fan of horror at all! But i was really really interested in this film, i loved the levels of decay from human to fly was shown. the removal of the finger nails was cringing and the advancement of powers, i.e the ability to walk of the walls and ceiling was a very nice touch. the teleportation was soo much more thought about this time around, for example the way the subject had to be naked to be transpoted, otherwise the clothes and the character could become combined. It was very interesting to see the character change physically but also emotionally. At first he is a sweet guy, who is only interested in his work, doesn't like the idea of living large; he uses the same outfit everyday to save wasting thoughts on what to wear. As the mutation starts, you can see him changing emotionally before physically. He becomes violent and agressive to the woman he loved.

The contrast at the end was very suprising to me because you see this monster with no human physic anymore come out of the teleportation pod, and i was thinking, more diaster is on its way, but then the thoughtfullness of Seth Brundle is shown again as he knows he must distroy himself. I thought that was a somewhat uplifting way to end the film..

'Truly great – but very nasty'
'David Cronenberg is an extremely crafty guy, however, and if his career has demonstrated anything, it’s that he has a singular ability to dig unexpectedly potent ideas out of apparently hollow'

' 'The Fly' takes only the basic set-up of the original and spins a whole new (and far scarier) story.'

I would just like to point out, the female didnt have the abortion.......

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