Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Quick location sketches

After watching the new Feng Zhu episode that Phil posted up, I got interested in sketching a view location for my game. What I realised whilst I was drawing them was that I could now imagine the creatures and characters that lived there. So now before I truely start the character design process I will create the locations to make things gel.

I'm really happy with these designs, and look forward to more in the future.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Basic Character Bios (part 1)

I have decided to work on Idea 2 because as I have already stated it is the one I'm most excited about. I want to start the process of the character design now so that I have a couple of ideas to work off of when the project really starts. As a start I want to create some basic character bios. 

Name - Lif or Hawk Lionrage

Character Status - Hero / Main Character

Sex - Male

Age - 30

From - A small hunting village that contains a handful of houses. The Village is surrounded by a forest and a small lake.

Skills - Best Archer in the village, also good with a sword. Able to use magical attacks later in the game.

Name: Sage Girehrond

Character Status: Teacher/ Wizard

Sex: Unknown - but resembles a human man

Age- 10,000 years and above

From: The crystal mountains on the distant "Realm of the Three"

Skills: Can control all the elements and also time.

...This page will be updated soon...

Minor and Major project ideas

I have come up with a couple of ideas, I'm excited about them both but there is one I prefer over the other one. With the ideas I have I want them to use the combination of the minor and major project to strengthen them. By this i mean for example create a character and model it in the minor project and then animate it in the major inside a scene. 

So my ideas so far - 

1. For awhile now I have been doing a few tutorials on Digital Tutors, mainly the character modelling and the production rigging tutorials. This has given me a few extra skills in these fields. What I want to do is design a simple cartoony human character like the one we created in Alan's tutorials and then I want to recreate the production rig for the character which will give me an easy-to-work-with character. With this character I want to animate at least two small animation where I can work on every little detail of the animation. The animation Ideas I have is something like the character running and jumping of a roof and landing on the roof of the next building - this animation exercise will only be for the animation - rendering a beautiful scene or glorified textures will not be used here. -- This idea is only for the minor project, what I learn from all this will then be transferred into a bigger animation for the major project that will be rendered beauitfully and will have the proper animation it needs.

2. Possibly my favourite idea - for the minor project I want to continue the progress I made in the Transcription project which involves continuing the Norce inspired game that I had came up with. For me this would be the more exciting choice because video games and character design is the field I would like to travel in as a career. So with this project I plan to design atleast two characters, one of this character has to be a main character - this can be the hero Lif which the player will control, a revamped version of Loki (this could be interesting because I can work of the reaction I got with the old version) or possibly other characters that have a strong lead. The other character design will be from a choice of either the main character's steed or sidekick or the villian's henchmen or more excitingly the side monsters to that battle on your way through the adventure of the game. At the end of this project I will have two fully designed characters that have gone through endless designs and then the character will be modelling and textured. In the major project I will take these modelling characters and rig them and then animate them into their walk cycles, battle stances and also attacks - This will become extremely interesting when I attempt the magic attacks.  

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Space Ship Sketch

Another painting sketch to help blow out the summer cobwebs. 

Theres some positives and negatives to be taken from this painting - for example I made a few decisions regarded the fuel and power the ship would use and have. This vechile uses a unlimited power source that fires around its energy wheel at an extreme speed.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

A couple of alien characters

I want to continue with the whole Loki game world that I had in mind when I was creating Loki for the Transcription project. I've had loads f ideas ratting around in my brain about the type of planet or lineframe this game could be set; unfortuantly everytime I try to draw something, it always looks aweful... Maybe I'm thinking too much about them.

So I picked up some tips online about creating random creatures and combined them with basic ideas I've had.

What came out of this was these two Alien creatures

I really like these two creatures, however I prefer the large beast on the right - I see the left creature as a evil female desert inhabitant and the right one I see more of a slightly tempermental steed of the hero.

As I wasn't thinking whilst drawing, it lead to unthought anatomy - but now I can study the anatomy of what I have already drawn. What I noticed is the right beast looks to have the ability to stand on its hide legs; maybe not for long but maybe for some time and even move into an extreme stomp - so thats something I can look into.

After I finished this images I wanted to play around with different colours and it gave me some colour ranges that I didn't originally think off - always mixing it up!

So here they are:

Anyways, I hope whos looking at these like them because I sure do. I look forward to making a few more.