Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Basic Character Bios (part 1)

I have decided to work on Idea 2 because as I have already stated it is the one I'm most excited about. I want to start the process of the character design now so that I have a couple of ideas to work off of when the project really starts. As a start I want to create some basic character bios. 

Name - Lif or Hawk Lionrage

Character Status - Hero / Main Character

Sex - Male

Age - 30

From - A small hunting village that contains a handful of houses. The Village is surrounded by a forest and a small lake.

Skills - Best Archer in the village, also good with a sword. Able to use magical attacks later in the game.

Name: Sage Girehrond

Character Status: Teacher/ Wizard

Sex: Unknown - but resembles a human man

Age- 10,000 years and above

From: The crystal mountains on the distant "Realm of the Three"

Skills: Can control all the elements and also time.

...This page will be updated soon...

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