Sunday, 5 August 2012

A couple of alien characters

I want to continue with the whole Loki game world that I had in mind when I was creating Loki for the Transcription project. I've had loads f ideas ratting around in my brain about the type of planet or lineframe this game could be set; unfortuantly everytime I try to draw something, it always looks aweful... Maybe I'm thinking too much about them.

So I picked up some tips online about creating random creatures and combined them with basic ideas I've had.

What came out of this was these two Alien creatures

I really like these two creatures, however I prefer the large beast on the right - I see the left creature as a evil female desert inhabitant and the right one I see more of a slightly tempermental steed of the hero.

As I wasn't thinking whilst drawing, it lead to unthought anatomy - but now I can study the anatomy of what I have already drawn. What I noticed is the right beast looks to have the ability to stand on its hide legs; maybe not for long but maybe for some time and even move into an extreme stomp - so thats something I can look into.

After I finished this images I wanted to play around with different colours and it gave me some colour ranges that I didn't originally think off - always mixing it up!

So here they are:

Anyways, I hope whos looking at these like them because I sure do. I look forward to making a few more.


  1. Nice Work buddy I'm not sure about the beast on the right being the 'steed for the hero' though so maybe those shapes need addressing again but some good potiential though :)