Monday, 29 November 2010


Avatar Review





The Avatar scenery is something to look at in complete awe. The level of detail that helps bring them to life is incredible. There are two very different but both very strong atmospheres in this film. The human world of Hell's Gate and the Alien world of Pandora contast so much, just like black and white. Hell's Gate is contained with grey tones, metal, technology and smoke; an industrial world. Whereas the jungle is full of colour, air, life without machines; a beautiful world. It comes to a point where the audience feels like they live in the jungle and the human world is infact the alien world. Warren Samu has also noticed this, 'The film builds up to an inevitable showdown between the human race, fighting with their automatic machine guns, their flamethrowers, their mech-like suits and ships, and the native Na’vi, fighting on horseback, on top of flying banshee, shooting arrows.'

It is enjoyable to see the extreme creation in this made up world, a world so thought about that it looks as real as the one we live in. Every plant and animal has been thought about, in design and movement. For example the Helicoradians that Jake Sully touches in the film are designed from the Christmas Tree Worm that surround coral reefs on earth. A very beautiful colourful created. 'The Helicoradians were originally inspired by the feathery feeding structures of the Christms tree worm, a tube worm common on coral reels' Fitzpatrick, 2010,117.

'...all living beings are connected and that those who seek to exploit nature rather than respect it will only destroy themselves.' Adams, 2009. Mike Adams has decoded a very power message in the film, it sums up everything about this masterpiece.


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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Some Stuff I forgot - Perspective drawings

Third concept - cave

On this Concept my main focus was extreme depth, what I had noticed with looking at other images is that a larger cave looked so much more dramatic than a smaller cave. Drama is what I wanted to happen. when it came to the style, I chose to create a lot of silhouette's casted by a single light.

The overlay tool has become extremely useful, with it I have created a really nice blend on cool browns. At the moment i like the way it looks somewhat like game art.

I wanted to experiment with an overlaying colour, of yellow, red and blue. They all turned out really beautiful and gave the image a totally different look. My favourite one is the blue one but the yelow and red ones has a connection the african background so those are the ones I'm need to swing towards most.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Public Apology especially to Phil

For the Last couple of days I have been really ill, but today has been a good day, where I have been able to get some work done, infact my whole essay which is a big relief. But I feel like I really need to say a big sorry to Phil for not being able to submit my work because of the illness, and a big sorry to everyone else for not being able to turn up to the presentation to see everyone's final pieces.

Also a BIG thank you to Jackie for helping me out with everything over these last couple of days

I hope this gets read by atleast some people.

Space Essay Research - Avatar

For my essay I will writing about the Production Design of Avatar. What I would like to focus on though is the designs behind the Human's Hell's Gate and Pandora's Jungle world and contrast the two together, I will like to investigate into the develop of technology that was used to create such real life animations. For example Performance Capture.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Second final piece

The second final piece, I know I needed to improve what I had previously uploaded, so I went back into it with the style I've been developing but stronger. What I made stronger was the extreme contrast of silhouettes and colour. What I found hard was trying to show atmosphere in depth aswell as the shadow.
I tried to keep the shapes slightly curved to keep the viewers eyes circling over the middle of the piece. I really like this piece, mainly because I've kept close to the style of african art of colour, silhouettes and blocked shapes. I think the sky really works in sense of distance, I like how it looks like it's stretching back behindthe mountains.

first final concept and preparatory studies

Here is my first final concept piece plus the stages in which got me to the final result, I will be explaining what I was trying to achieve in some of the slides.

I had already created the scene and composition in black and white, and at this stage I wanted to create a contrast in the strongest light to the possible darks. I wanted the pile of treasure to be the brightest area in the concept.


A quick flip to check if everything was working. Still a lot of work to go but at this stage im happy with how it's looking.

Another experiment. This time i've added a lot of colour bouncing around on the far wall. what I like about this technique is the new sense of depth the piece has and the colour explosion. What I dont like about it though is the way it looks too much like disco lights.

Here im just playing around with the composition of the piece, I've extended the piece horizontaly, i like the way it makes the piece look longer.

After this slide, I thought I was finished but when I got an outside opinion, the first thing the viewer said was ahhhhh its scary it looks like teeth. So i went back into it too get rid of the teethy look. This is what I came up with, I erased the top middle stalactite and increased the colour of the rays of light. I'm realy glad I did this, it brings back the colour style i was using before and it hides the rocks a bit more.
This is the final piece, I toned done the colour just a little bit because it was hiding the large door in the background and I didnt like that. I'm really happy with my first final concept, it makes me want to go into my previous designs and really gointo them and develop them further.