Thursday, 25 November 2010

first final concept and preparatory studies

Here is my first final concept piece plus the stages in which got me to the final result, I will be explaining what I was trying to achieve in some of the slides.

I had already created the scene and composition in black and white, and at this stage I wanted to create a contrast in the strongest light to the possible darks. I wanted the pile of treasure to be the brightest area in the concept.


A quick flip to check if everything was working. Still a lot of work to go but at this stage im happy with how it's looking.

Another experiment. This time i've added a lot of colour bouncing around on the far wall. what I like about this technique is the new sense of depth the piece has and the colour explosion. What I dont like about it though is the way it looks too much like disco lights.

Here im just playing around with the composition of the piece, I've extended the piece horizontaly, i like the way it makes the piece look longer.

After this slide, I thought I was finished but when I got an outside opinion, the first thing the viewer said was ahhhhh its scary it looks like teeth. So i went back into it too get rid of the teethy look. This is what I came up with, I erased the top middle stalactite and increased the colour of the rays of light. I'm realy glad I did this, it brings back the colour style i was using before and it hides the rocks a bit more.
This is the final piece, I toned done the colour just a little bit because it was hiding the large door in the background and I didnt like that. I'm really happy with my first final concept, it makes me want to go into my previous designs and really gointo them and develop them further.

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