Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Life Drawing 2/11/10

For this lesson, we were given th whole to two hours to draw in whatever way we liked. I opted to do mini sketches of the model in styles that i've developed over the many lesson we've had for this project. Section drawing, negative space, proportions and I tried a little 'cubist' style piece, (this was by not taking my pen of the page). I found this to be a very good lesson, I didn't think I would learn anything, but in fact I learnt a lot, mainly through remembering the styles and techniques. Some of these techniques have also sparked some ideas in the concepts I'm planning.

When I starred at these negative space drawing, I become to realise that the figure in a way looks like the side of a wall or a cliff edge. I could use this shape in my concepts, and give a sense of mother nature in and around her work, in form.

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