Friday, 19 November 2010

life drawing 16/11/10

When comparing my most resent life drawing studies with studies from previous weeks, it is clear to see that my skill as drawer of the anatomy is improving. I found this lesson highly enjoyable; the freedom of skill mixed with a limitation of colour and materials was a combination that lead to many different techniques and results. What I find most attractive about these coloured drawings is the larger image to the right and the red image in the middle. They both hold a certain elegance to them, the pink one's subtle hint of tone enhances the neck muscles, whereas the red image's stretched phsyic and wrinked form is shown through cross hatching.

Here is a piece that I was given an hour and a half to complete, unfortuantly it is nowhere near completion, which is disappointing because it has plenty of potentional. Getting the full form in was my main focus but when that was complete, I started to focus on the face. Main reason for this is, I find my drawing of faces can be very lifeless and most of the time unaccurate. As a basis, it appears to very close to the subject, which is what I'm always striving towards. If the time limit was an extra hour and a half, this piece could have been something special for me. Next week I aim to work faster to achieve better results in the allicated time.


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