Tuesday, 9 November 2010

After seeing this image and searching for a new stlye

Whilst looking through african art on the internet, I came across this image of a purple mountain against the burning sky. This reminds of the high vivid coloured pallet of african art, minus the cool colours, but that is also why it reminds me of a vision I had of the King Solomon Mine's location of three purple mountains. From this image, I created my own pallet to then create my own image, using the range of pure colour.

I can not express how pleased I with this image, it's colourful, it has depth, it has character, and I really like the way its a new method for me but I've attempted it well. Clearly there is a long way to go, know seeing it on a white background (on the uploading Screen) I can see that the tones aren't extreme enough, there defiantly needs to be more colour aswell. But as a groundwork, I'm excited about the path this style could take. I think that i'm now on the right path.


  1. all this colour work you're doing is very exciting to see, Chris - I detect you're still unconvinced, but just keep reminding yourself you're making spaces for an animated universe - in this sense, I'd suggest you should look at stylising your shapes/forms too - let that same departure from 'photorealism' filter into the geometry of your painting style.

  2. ... keep at it, Chris, okay? :-) At this stage of your learning it is preferable to make interesting work, if not 'perfect' work - and remember too, that 40% of your unit mark is for your creative DEVELOPMENT (i.e., with an emphasis on the process, the journey - not the destination).