Saturday, 29 September 2012

Initial Sketches

I started my day by drawing some images from a character design book to warm myself up and learn.
I then used the research I have and did some warm up 6 cm sketches
Most of these are hideous drawings but I do like 13, 14, 10 just basically because of the forms and variety between them.
My drawings today were focused on cloaked figures and metal clogs. I used these materials with different shapes to make out the style of character. I used the triangles for evil and sinister and I used squares to make a bulky figure. And this is what I got.

I'm happy with the progress today but tomorrow I would like the leave the cloaked figure alone, because it doesn't open up to many possiblities to experiment on the body and it just looks like a lazy character.

Research 5 - Clockwork

I wanted to start by unlocking what time means as a physical term, so I looked at the inside of a clock and all the mechanics that make it tick. The metal clogs have given me some inspiration on making the character I create work like a ticking clock. To do this I need to work on the character from the inside out.

Almost like these clockwork styled robots.

I will post up the drawings I have and will create later on in the day.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Idea + Research 4 - The personification of time

The Personification on Time

After a long talk with Phil, he advised me to simplify my research and ideas around one word. Many words came to mind and after doing some research on personifications, but the one that interested me the most was time. There is so much experimentation that can be done with the physical essence of time, also the abstract essence of time and the importance of time.

Time is also a universal thing, so it widens the possibilities even further to do greater things and the character can always be a entirely new species on a different planet, the possibilities are endless.

However, I know that the possibilities must be narrowed down otherwise that is too much to work with so in the next couple of days i will be researching on time and making a lot of experimentations.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Research 3 - Niflheim

I've dabbled back into the Norse gods and the realms because mainly it is what interests me and what I find exciting. I found a description of one of the nine realms called Niflheim, the description is as follows.

"Niflheim (“house of mists”) is the far northern region of icy fogs and mists, darkness and cold. It is situated on the lowest level of the universe.

The realm of death, Helheim is part of the vast, cold region. Niflheim lies underneath the third root of Yggdrasil, close to the spring Hvergelmir (“roaring cauldron”).

Also situated on this level is Nastrond, the Shore of Corpses, where the serpent Nidhogg eats corpses and gnaws on the roots of Yggdrasil."

What instantly comes to mind is the harsh icy winds in Antarctica and the Artic. With this comes the animals that must survive in this climate. Also the misty conditions add some different ideas and it reminds me of Frank Darabont's thriller - The Mist (2007) and the creatures found in that.

What I would like to do from now on is do Creature Design for a possible film or game, and with this I will design a creature that could be battled inside the preferred media. Whilst designing the creature I will need to think about adaptability, protection, possible camaflage and the part that the creature will be playing.


I've just been given this book in the base room called "Against Nature - the hybrid forms of modern sculpture". The sculptures are absolutly beautiful and insanely messed up. To me they all look mythical, alien and magical - my favourite combination!

I have found a couple of sculptors I really like and have further researched them and found plenty of inspiration!

Maria Martins

1 - "Ritmo dos Ritmos" -

2 - "Impossible III" - and

3 - "Huitième Voile (Eighth Veil)," -

4 -   "Foto-vicente-de-mello-Cosasc Naify" -

Number 2 looks like this guy -

Emile-Antoine Bourdelle

1 - "Dying Centaur" -

2 "Hercules the Archer" -

3 - Large Baccante -

Umberto Boccioni

1 - "Unique forms of continuity in space" -

2  "Development of a bottle in space"

Research one - fairy tales

In the tutorial with Alan, he mentioned that I should try and find a story, that will describe a world for me rather that create a whole new one. With this I will be able to create a character that can grow from this world and it will have the style of this world entwined into it.

With this advice, I went home and read a couple of stories from "The Brothers Grimm" that I have. There are little snipets of ideas that I have obtained from different stories, however nothing massive right now. I have attempted to stay away from the stroies that have been dragged out to an endless end, for example Rapunzel and Red Riding hood.

I have taken a list of some titles of stories that took my attention out of the 200 hundred stories in the book. I will read this collection of stories and find one that I could possibly work with. I may also move on to look at fairy tales from other countries.

Anyways the list is :

The Wonderful Musician

The White Snake

The Seven Ravens

The Tailor in Heaven

The Water Nix

The Young Giant

The Water of Life

The Goose-Girl

The Raven

Simeli Mountain

Master Pfriem

The Willow Wren

The Sea Hare

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

First project proposal

Chris Rogers’ Minor Project proposal

What I want to do on this project is to go through the process of character design. I want to research into areas that I haven’t been before so that I can create something that I have never thought of or seen before. As of now, I don’t know if the character will be for game or film, male or female, or hero, sidekick or villain. I would really like to have two characters completed by the end of this project but I understand how hard that will be and know that designing just the one is the best way to go. At the end of the project I want a fully developed character design, a modeled version of the character and have it rigged for poses.
List of what I want from the project:
Character design
Character sheets

Major Project Proposal
I’m not sure what I want from the major project but I would like to maybe do another character that is designed to a whole different level and is modeled to perfection. To keep it a little different from the minor I would probably decide to make the character for a film if the minor character is for game.
Nothing is yet set in stone for me in the major project so I’m open to any ideas.