Thursday, 27 September 2012

Research one - fairy tales

In the tutorial with Alan, he mentioned that I should try and find a story, that will describe a world for me rather that create a whole new one. With this I will be able to create a character that can grow from this world and it will have the style of this world entwined into it.

With this advice, I went home and read a couple of stories from "The Brothers Grimm" that I have. There are little snipets of ideas that I have obtained from different stories, however nothing massive right now. I have attempted to stay away from the stroies that have been dragged out to an endless end, for example Rapunzel and Red Riding hood.

I have taken a list of some titles of stories that took my attention out of the 200 hundred stories in the book. I will read this collection of stories and find one that I could possibly work with. I may also move on to look at fairy tales from other countries.

Anyways the list is :

The Wonderful Musician

The White Snake

The Seven Ravens

The Tailor in Heaven

The Water Nix

The Young Giant

The Water of Life

The Goose-Girl

The Raven

Simeli Mountain

Master Pfriem

The Willow Wren

The Sea Hare

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