Friday, 28 September 2012

Idea + Research 4 - The personification of time

The Personification on Time

After a long talk with Phil, he advised me to simplify my research and ideas around one word. Many words came to mind and after doing some research on personifications, but the one that interested me the most was time. There is so much experimentation that can be done with the physical essence of time, also the abstract essence of time and the importance of time.

Time is also a universal thing, so it widens the possibilities even further to do greater things and the character can always be a entirely new species on a different planet, the possibilities are endless.

However, I know that the possibilities must be narrowed down otherwise that is too much to work with so in the next couple of days i will be researching on time and making a lot of experimentations.


  1. Okay, Chris - I think this is a promising start. Now - your ONE responsibility at this early stage is simply to let the research and ideas lead you - NOT some generic, panicky need to turn this character into somekind of 'Big Monster' - just because that's what you like. Just include everything in your thinking at this stage. Be more brave than usual.

  2. The big monster ideas will NOT touch this project! Get ready for all the drawings to flood this site!