Thursday, 11 November 2010

Out of this world, But on it

To pull myself away from the photorealism world and jump into the animation world, i needed to start looking at the animations already around out there. I want an animation that is totally wacky, with extreme colour and not afraid to leap past the laws of the natural world. This is when I remembered a trailer that was on not to long ago, about this film 'The cat in the hat'. the imagination in this film is perfect, the imagary is key in this film, and the director Brian Grazor distort everything from buildings to the actual characters themselves.

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  1. Just remember that your visual concept/style choices should derive from an idea from within the world of your story - those earlier posts with the strong 2d element and use of silhouettes have bags of potential for developing a 'world style' - I know you're using Cat in the Hat as an example, but I'm just suggesting that you stay close to the origins of your text, whilst (difficult I know!) finding an innovative style to bring it to life.