Friday, 19 November 2010

A quick trip to Rochester cathedral

After a conversation with Miss Kayleigh Dean, we decided to go to Rochester cathedral, mainly for my need to research on old structures and perspective. I remembered a line from King Solomon's Mines, on page 243, '.... with the difference of that this cathedral designed by nature was loftier and wider than any built by man'. Just by steping into a cathedral, anyone can tell that it's a building like no other, the towering ceiling, large light giving windows, awesome archways and fabulous detail carved into marble.

What I wanted to take away from this experience was a sense of awe and a possible dread of being in a place with such high walls and ceilings.
It will be interesting to draw the lines that the edges of the walls create and then see what can be made from those lines in the perspective.
I noticed some artifacts that would go nicely in the treasure room. I've been imagening large stone crates (almost like sarcophaguses) with amazing detail all around it. This is King Solomon's legenary treasure, the treasure room needs to look the part.

The Room downstairs gives an amazing display of perspective around it's pillars, I can see it taking huge effect in such a small amount of space. I find the arching ceiling interesting, I would like to see these half broken or crashing in the floor as a stalagmite and stalagtite connect.

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