Monday, 20 September 2010

unit 1 - anatomy

First unit of the year, anatomy, I'll be honest I've had some experience in this, I actually turned myself into a wolf for my year 11 project. I was giving an animal that I really like; in the sense of looks, power and mental actions. That animal is a spotted hyena, an intelligent pack hunter. I already have loads of ideas in my head, but I want to keep thinking so I have a lots and lots of ideas so i'm not stuck on just a few! I have already done a few sketches of me, my hands, feet and the hyena. Would love to know what you all think of them.


  1. Looking good :) i like the hand drawings

  2. Hey Chris,

    Nice hand drawings here - I like the tension in them. Consider taking your drawings into photoshop for some extra oomph; I'm not suggesting you post-produce them to death, rather just up the contrasts etc. to ensure that your drawings 'pop' on screen. Currently, they're rather faint, which is a pity...