Saturday, 11 February 2012

Personal Deadline

Just to keep myself on track, I will set myself a deadline for finished a character design ready for modelling. That deadline is SUNDAY 26TH FEBRUARY, this will be the end of week four and leaves me with 7 weeks to model, texture and everyhing else to polish off the character.

This is the check list that needs to be complete by the deadline.

 - Silhouettes and Initail Drawings
 - Zoned in drawings
 - Getting close to final design
 - Anatomy designs and Analysis
 - clothing and Accessories
 - Turnarounds - Front, Back, Side, Arm top and Side, Head front and Side - Coloured versions for presentation
 - Photoshop concept art
 - Facial Expressions - At least 10 (Unless there is no face)
 - Body Stances and Attacks
 - Final Pose


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