Monday, 20 February 2012

Finding a basic form

I have been developing the basic form a little more over the weekend. I'm still trying to find that one amazing design that when I see it, I think YES I HAVE THE CHARACTER!!! I think that I'm half way there, I like quite a few of the designs and would love to see them up as a CG characters, however I still haven't found the perfect actor for the roll of Loki.
Time is running out, and the personal deadline is coming up fast so this week I will be very busy. It's a little worrying but exciting because I want to really free up my mind and let absolutely everything in.

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  1. Hi – sorry for any duplication, or if you’ve done it already, but I’ve been prompted to prompt students about completing the Student surveys before the deadline – which is fast approaching. It’s possible that some of you are experiencing difficulty logging in or finding your login details. If you are experiencing difficulties, can you email

    When you’ve completed it, can you leave a ‘done it’ on the original blogpost below.

    Many thanks – and remember, this is your opportunity to create change and assist course teams in terms of resources etc.