Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Silhouette development - Comments or opinion please

I have been ill for the last couple of days which has stopped me from doing anything. However i had a lot of time to think about Loki and how to finally have him look. It was about time I asked myself, what does this character look like, what is his objective, what does he like doing, etc. I found out rather quickly that I don't really know the answer to any of the questions, and this is becuase I had so many ideas on what he could be and what he could look like instead of actually zoning in on the important final look.

I have already missed my personal deadline which was on sunday and have had to move to a week later. Character designs and concepts WILL be polished and completed for sunday 4th of march.

I still have all my drawing on the wall and spent a whole dayjust staring at them, trying to see what I like the most, what would truely fit with Loki character and also trying to solve the srabbled puzzle of his appearance in my head.

There is plenty I like and a LOT I don't like but I loved the trial and error before getting this solving stage.

I have now taken those parts I like and used them to create Silhouttes. Before I did this I drew another sketch that I had been thinking about during the illness. I researched Fleas under an electron microscope which I forgot to put on here, Whoooops!

This is what I got -

These are interesting, like the scaled armour and the weird face.

I created a silhouette from the drawing and then fixed and added a few things.

If your looking at this post could you let me know which number is your favourite, Possibly why and improvements you would make.

My person favourite is seven, I really like the dominate look he has, and the chained arms give him something no other characte has. Although I can't imagine them working, maybe a little tweak is needed.


  1. for me, it's 4, because the others are weak in terms of their bottom halves, and the other silhouettes have a generic demonic feel. I think you need to resolve those hind-quarters, Chris - your line drawings, which have promise, don't deal with the legs, and you need to, because how this creature connects to the ground is going to give more info re. its centre of gravity, anatomy and presence.

  2. Thank you for the comment Phil, however I slightly disagree, this is because the world inside a game can involve a gravity that doesn't abide by the law of gravity we have on earth, and that goes for the anatomy and presence. I have been imaging this character for a while but it has always been fuzzy and it has never suited legs. I really like the chainned up tail because it gives an impression that Loki spent so long, chainned to the earth that he's partly became one with it. It is different and would be different from all the other characters in the games. This is only the last form of loki, his only function is to kill with extreme force and nothing else. His walking around and every day activities happen in his natural form. I have also posted the silhouettes on Facebook and have got a unanimous vote for number seven.