Tuesday, 3 August 2010

create 101 drawings on one a1 peice of paper, so far


  1. Hi Chris! I'm Jackie, and I'm an LSA on the course you are on - I support a student(or maybe 2!) going into the second year. Great to see you blogging already, looking forward to seeing more stuff as the year goes on!

  2. Hey Chris - yep, this is encouraging BUT - unless I'm mistaking the purpose of these sketches, it does seem as if you're not using the objects on the sheets provided as the backbone for your sketches... also, remember the 3 categories. Can I suggest you take another look at the summer project brief for guidance; I'm going to post the 2 object sheets on the CGAA group blog for your reference...

    Read the brief - golden rule number 1!!! :-)

  3. Here you go, Chris - a refresher on what it is you're being asked to produce...


  4. So, for example, take the plug and see how that could be developed into a 'life-form'... etc etc! The key here is to loosen up!:)

  5. thank you very much, im still finding it a little difficult to understand EXACTLY what it's asking me to do... is there any examples of concept drawings of these objects or other objects from previous work that i could take a quick look at.
    i would really appreciate it
    thank you

  6. What might be handy, is to take some tracing paper, trace over one of your images and then 'tweak' it slightly - then retrace and tweak again! Until you get something completely different!

  7. Jackie's right, you know! :-) See comment on the CGAA post for more ideas! I suggest too that, if you get the opportunity, you should direct your new classmates to the CGAA group blog and this post too. The key is to loosen up your hand/mind - enjoy yourself!

  8. You are already heading the right direction - by posting and getting feedback! Keep blogging your progress, and the feedback will come.... :)

  9. Hi there Chris, I'm another one that you will be bumping into next semester. A few pointers:

    1. Invest in a scanner it will improve the presentation of your Blog no end. This will give it a more professional appearance from the off.
    2.As phil has already pointed out play with scale, repetition, and distortion. Also think about the silohuette of an object and how that can be modified. Tracing paper is fine but personally I prefer a layout pad to work up ideas.. I am pretty sure that there will not be any complaints if you A1 sheet become a collage.
    3. For inspiration check out agencies like Massive Black and Atomhawk Design, scour the blogs, if you spend just a couple of hours bouncing off of the links from this blog...


    then you will gets heaps of inspiration... Colin is probably at the top of his field right now and circle of contacts from his blog is an awesome resource.
    4. Ithink you might need to use a looser media as the pen and sharp pencil are holding back your line work grab a few graphite sticks and some markers to help your loosen up.
    5. Keep up with the blogging, and never be afraid to drop by and pop a question or two.

    Good luck


  10. Hi Chris

    I'm Charlotte (but some people on the course call me Lev), a second year. Welcome to the course :). I would say something about the summer prject you now have but it'll only be repeating what JAckie, Phil and Simon have said. Look forward to seeing some new ideas on drawings.

  11. i had a really good go at yesterday, i drew a good 20 concepts... its really fun when you know what your doing....
    i will post some of them up later today :)

  12. Cool :). Yeh things get easier when you know how :)