Thursday, 4 August 2011

The First Draft for the Summer Project in Bullet-Point form

Act one
·         Scene starts over a jungle, sunny and noisy from the animals below. The Camera moves slowly over the jungle.
·         Swoop into the trees, down to the ground.
·         Focus on the bushes and see a pair of red beady eyes
·         A quick shot of a deer like creature runs past.
·         Camera follows the deer jumping broken tree trunks, hoping from one side to the other.
·         Jumps a large tree bark and stops.
·         As the deer looks around the view changes to under the head and we see the vast jungle canopy above.
·         Sound of a twig snaps and the deer bolts off again.
·         The deer runs down a path carved out by animal’s footprints, in the back ground we can see a shadow running at the same speed.
·         The deer runs passed a tree once more and in slow motion a lion jumps from the bushes and grabs the deer resulting in a fumble.
·         The deer bounces to the side out of the lions grip and turns towards the lion. The lion slowly gets up from its position, whilst constantly looking at the deer.
·         They both stand on either ends of the jungle floor, looking at each other, the camera is circling around the battle ground.
·         There’s a snap shot of the deer’s face looking angry.
·         Then a shot of the lion’s face looking just as angry, then it roars.
·         Camera angle changes and the lion bolts for the deer.
·         The deer evades the attack and flees to the left, takes a large jump, sprouts wings and turns in an eagle and flies out of the canopy.

Act 2
·         Lion looks round up to the eagle’s position with extreme anger.
·         Lion moves into position.
·         Looks down
·         Wings start to grow from its back.
·         It stands on its hind legs and it wings rap around it body.
·         The whole form grows larger and the legs turn to a dragon legs
·         A large neck and head sprout out of the wings.
·         The tail forms out the back and swings to smash a large tree trunk.
·         Angle from the back of the head shows the dragon look up to the trees.
·         Open in the sky in front of the eagle.
·         A large roar comes from beneath the trees.
·         The eagle looks back to the roar.
·         The dragon burst out of the canopy
·         Wings highly spread, the veins are highly visible.
·         The wings pull in and the dragon spirals towards the eagle.
·         Dragon follows the eagle along the landscape, dodging in and out of obstacles
·         The dragon comes close with a bite that is just whiskers away from the tail of the eagle.
·         More weaving passed obstacles
·         The dragon takes one large move around a rock to the right, passing it and banking left and slamming into the eagle to start a grappling
·         The dragon and eagle spiral to the sea bed below.

Act 3
·         As they hit the water the eagle turns into a dolphin and the dragon turns into a great white shark.
·         A chase begins in the water, jumping in and out.
·         A near miss bite allows the dolphin to escape.
·         The dolphin jumps again and notices a tree coming up.
·         It dives back in and speeds down the water
·         It shoots up out of the water and, turning in a squirrel and grabbing the tree.
·         The Squirrel holds onto the tree and looks back into the water.
·         A five second anticipation
·         The shark jumps out of the water and turns into a gibbon
·         The squirrel bolts left into the tree, the gibbon follows.
·         They both jumps from branch to branch and onto sides of trees.
·         The squirrel makes its way to the floor, and looks up to the trees to find he’s lost the gibbon.
·         He stays waiting, looking at the trees wave and whistle
·         Suddenly the Gibbon falls to the squirrel’s exact position.
·         The squirrel bounces to the other side and turns to the gibbon. As he turns, he evolves into a tiger.
·         The gibbon lands and sees the tiger.
·         Stands on his hind legs and grows into a grizzly bear.
·         The bear slams to the floor and starts to charge.
·         The tiger takes a step forward and yells ‘Stop!’
·         The bear stops, looks in shock, then anger and the roars
·         The Camera moves to a aerial view  of the battlefield and up through the canopy.

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  1. wow - an epic... the pace reminds me of this...