Sunday, 5 June 2011

First bunch of ideas with research

The soundscape I was given shows a strong link to jungles and Africa so my ideas at the moment are inspired from around that context.

Idea 1 - The tempo of the soundscape suggest a journey or adventure, with that in mind I could do something that involves having an adventure through a jungle scenery. for this idea i wanted to follow an egg falling through the jungle that had fallen because of a fight between its mother and a predator. The eggs travels could fall through the tree, down rivers and waterfalls, this would show the full scenery of the jungle and the animals in it. However my idea exists in a jungle on another planet, this allows me to create the whole jungle and all the animals from scratch so the it become a unique world. Almost like James Cameron did with Pandora. Whilst explaining this idea to people in my house, they made me take a look at the beginning part of 'Dinosaur', after reviewing it, I realised that this was exactly what my idea was! This is either a problem or an advantage, the problem being that it has already been done, but the advantage is that I can see what it could look like. This opening of this film is set in prehistoric times, whereas mine could be shown in any time period, and scenery will look totally different. On a separate note, the opening scene for 'Dinosaur' is SPECTACULAR!!!!

Idea 2 - A Chase between a predator and its prey, once again show the scenery and obstacles in the jungle. They predator could even be a bird so we could show the upper levels of the jungle canopy.

Idea 3 - Monsoon in a jungle?

Idea 4 - Fight between man and animals? Fight between machine and banished man? - look at Terminator, Avartar, Predator
Or Man against Man

To widen my idea range I may step out of the jungle into a different terrain but with the soundscape I have, I don't see where else it will suit.

However the brief allows me to not use the soundscape at all, but just to spark ideas from it, so the piece could be faster or slower than what the tune limits me to. Widen more possible ideas.

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