Friday, 10 June 2011

Todays Photoshop

Today I finally felt like doing a bit of practicing on photoshop so I could try and get that spark and admiration for it again. Luckily I think I found it, in my opinion, I produced some very good images.

The first image was to capture an angle of the possible jungle that could be my set for the animation. However I looked out the window and saw a spectacular cloud system, and I was inspired to create that system.

 I'm pleased with the realism of this cloud system. Using the visual resource out the widow was a big help. With further developments and play abouts, I came to realise how easy it was to change a bright day to a dark day.

 Whilst looking for jungle and forest images, I came across a forest fire image. I thought this could be a great idea for the project and I love the contrast of colour and silhouettes, so I gave it a go.

 I'm really pleased with this image, I love the simplicity of it and how power the colours contrast with each other. The following image show so much drama and suspense, also the animals heighten the danger of the piece.

This is my final image of the animals in a forest fire, I absolutely Adore this piece, I think its one of the best pieces I've ever done. It has atmosphere, suspense, danger and heat. The idea of a forest fire is something that could be very interesting to work with, also if I could animate a story in this location in a way that makes the silhouettes work then this project could be spectacular and take me to new levels.

@Phil - Phil if you are reading this, could you listen to soundscape 3 and let me know if you agree that that soundscape could fit to the forest fire idea... - In fact that enquiry goes out to anyone reading this.

Thank you in advance

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  1. Hey Chris - some nice work happening here :D Your soundscape is very percussive, driving forwards, and very pared down - so something suitably exciting and fast-paced is going to work nicely; the idea of the forest fire would fit this mood clearly.