Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Designing the Fish

With the Fish I am going for an evil yet playful character because the fish doesn't want to kill the gnome but just stop him from getting to the other side of the pond. So what I want from the character is a playful yet slightly evil exterior, large eyes with a way to get a frown in the face with out giving the fish an eyebrow, and a large tail to do some strong swimming and whacking the gnome in the animation, which will be in the animatic soon.

I so far have two designs for this :-

 These are both goldfish, I was advised by Alan to use this fish, we found some images of goldfish with large stomachs and thought that this would be a good area to use to show that it is either always hungry or that it has room for the gnome. I have given the both quite sharp fins to show its evilness. Making a frown on a fish was obviously hard to do but I found that goldfish a sort of ridge that go up the centre of the face, and I chose to make this the area to move to make a frown - I think it works well.  

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  1. Hi Chris - I don't think you were at Monday's briefing? See below! I'm really keen for everyone to take part in this...

    Can you send me an up-to-date email so I can organise you a dropbox share? Cheers!