Friday, 10 May 2013

Female process

The Modelling process

 The modeling was completed very quickly, the lack of legs on the model gave me a huge time advantage.



Rigging this character was a little easier than the male simply because she has no legs. I didn't want to rig this character with an imply leg underneath, because when skinning the joints it will become problematic. so I did this -

I created a stumped leg, this way I still get the IK leg without the hassle of a foot.

The rig is very simple, but it does the job.


The blendshapes for this character was more successful than the male, I think this is because I modeled this character a little better and by this point I had some experience working with blendshapes.


The skinning was just as difficult as before but the face was very easy which I was very grateful for!


I picked this pose because it is the one we see her do at the end of the animation, it gives her a nice flirtation characteristic. 

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