Friday, 10 May 2013

Fish Process

I started off by re-texturing the fish, just because I was happy with how limited it looked - he needed life. I took him into Mudbox and stuck a really nice scale texture predominantly on his stomach. I'm very happy with look of the fish now.

However sometimes it had its funny problems.


This rigging process was achieved by pulling together all the things I already new about rigging - It was like a jigsaw. I saw loads of tutorials online but they were all way to extensive, so I made my own. It is mostly made of very simple joint chains with a Control that controls the rotation values of the joints chain's hierarchy, which make the end joint move at 100% and then parent joints are halved in power. This give me a smooth wave like motion.


The eyelid blendshapes for the fish was always going to be difficult, but I think have done a very good job at creating some convincing eyelids.



The skinning for this character was very easy! and it all works smoothly.

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