Monday, 10 October 2011

Character Bios

Sheriff Elliot J Hampleton

Age – 30 years old

Nationality – Pridian

Height – 6ft 5inches

Skills – Excellent Marksman

Looks Description – Elliot wears a white cowboy hat, an orange shirt with jean trousers. His families Star Badge with an engraving of “sheriff” on it is pinned to his right shoulder. He holds a Winchester 73/ Pridian style rifle and four large three barrel pistols; one pistol per hand. The Sheriff is handsome, has a strong jaw, large biceps, long brown locks, thin nose and small waist.

Small Description – Elliot J Hampleton is the last member of a long family bloodline of Sheriffs. Every Sheriff before him is famous for their countless battles against the evil Chief Kalugoo. Chief Kalugoo defeated and killed Sheriff Elliot’s Father, leaving him to be the only one that can protect the inhabitants of PRIDE.

Sidekick Bio

Fundder and Lightnin’

Age – 5 years old

Nationality – Pridian

Species – Stalorse

Height – 8ft

Skills – Blistering speed

Look Description – Resembles an earth “horse” but with two heads and with white skin. Both heads are at the front of the body, they are long snouted, strong structured and have a beautiful blue and reddish mane.

Description – Fundder and Lightnin’ is Sheriff Elliot’s Stalorse and was given to him as a present from his father when Elliot became deputy. This was shortly after Elliot’s Grandfather died. A Stalorse however isn’t the smartest of Pridian animals; it’s extremely dumb and is slow at making decision until often or not, making the wrong one. Fundder and Lightnin’ happens to be a very scared Stalorse, the simplest of noises makes them bolt (often into a wall), and they are most frightened of the dark. They have become very loyal and have never let the Sheriff down.

Chief Kalugoo

Age – 1348 years old

Nationality – Pridian

Height – 5ft 1 inch

Skills – Planning the destruction for the planet PRIDE

Look Description – A thin structure with 10 legs sprouting from under the waist. Extremely wrinkled and weathered body, full of scars and dents. His skin is dark yellow and green with brown moles that are doted everywhere. He is covered in spirit emblems for chanting and a large feathered crown on his head, (the feathers are black with purple and red streaks running down the centre and edges. They come from the extinct flying creature, the Èlbâtrix). The many years has caused this character to hunch and shrink in time.

Description – Chief Kalugoo is the cause of every death of Sheriff Elliot’s ancestors. His age has given him the chance to see a lot of change on planet PRIDE but it has caused him to go completely insane with knowledge and power. He is a very difficult opponent for the sheriff. He has his own army of henchman that range from the terrible Guūstil and the disgusting TrŐstelĻ.

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