Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Character Lesson 2 - Pocahontas found Carbs and Winnie the Pooh found Steriods

This lesson was really enjoyable, we learned about different shapes in character to improve their status in the animations. Triangles are used to show the evil characters because as we grow up we realise that sharp edges are harmful, and a triangle has three very sharp edges. Squares are used for the hero characters because a square is strong, stable and solid. A circle is used for the funny and trust worthy characters, because a circle is smooth and soft and we know they will never hurt us because it has no sharp edges.

What we also did was mixing two of the shape to create new characteristic, for example adding the triangle shape with a square would show a strong but harmful character. We had a task that involved taking an original character, observing the shapes and then changing that shape to create the same character but with a new characteristic.

The first image I recieved was Pocahontas:

I realised that the shape she creates is a strong square so I changed it for triangles and then for circles.

 The large Pocahontas turned out to be quite popular with the rest of the class. The image of Pocahontas is still there even with the mass change. Using circles to round the previous square stature created a funny image.

My next character that I had to change was Winnie The Pooh:

I chose to come up with a simplistic and a heroic version of this cuddly character. Justin mentioned that it is hardest to create a simplistic character because you have to get rid of most of the design but still know its the character you started with.

Here are my attempts:

Simplistic -

Heroic -

I like the simplistic one because it was a challenge to see if I could cut enough away from the actual character. I think I've done well with the character and I think we can still see that its Winnie the Pooh. the heroic character was a lot of fun! It ended out being very funny to see the outcome and I think that's either to do with the fact its such a dramatic change or because the face is still rounded.

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