Monday, 3 October 2011

Resent blog uploaded to the group blog - Finding the Right Centipede or Millipede

My job for the weekend was to find specific Centipedes or Millipedes that we could use in the trailer. Alan suggested that I look for the creepiest or the strangest, so I looked around to see what I could find.

Whilst looking, I've come across an interesting bio on Centipedes. It gives a description of Centipedes as a whole and their behaviours and hunting patterns. This will come in handy when designing and animating the the creature.

The site explains that the Centipedes (Although meaning "A hundred Legs") in fact only have around 30 and the legs arrange in segments. There are also legs at the front that acts like a jaw and vertical legs at the back that act like senses to help them go backwards. Their common prey involves insects, spiders and other centipedes and they're also venomous.
What I already knew was they are harmed by harsh heat so they have to keep moist and out of the sun. Although I didn't know that they were nocturnal.

Giant African Millipede

This following Millipede is gorgeous and creepy at the same time. I like the smoothed shape of the creature and the almost innocence of it. Although the Millipedes are perfect candidates for the trailer, I believe the amaount of legs could lead to very difficult problems. For example this species of Millipede can have up to 400 legs; which is 2 legs of either side of each segment.

Back to Centipedes

I found a very interesting Centipede called the "Scolopendra Gigantea"; its venomous, it looks very creepy but with beautiful colours, its legs are long and a separate colour from the body (a venomous yellow) and its extremely fast and agile.


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