Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Concept - Tail Flick

I wanted to imagine how the character would swing that massive rocky tail, and I thought that using the chained arms as ancors at the point of the swing to really propell him forward!

I like this painting however I would prefer it to be easier to see what everything is, unfortuantly the skill is lacking atm. However I feel like I already know my character more now, in the scene of how it moves, how the individial parts move and how he will look in 3-D.

I can't wait to make him!


  1. Ok forget previous comment, this is really nice but have you dropped the extra chain arms as I liked those as well?

    Apart from that looking great Chris :)

  2. chained arms are still there, it's what is clamped to the floor :D using them as ancorage.

  3. Yer sorry just realised but it's looking great Chris well done :)