Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Here is the character so far. At first I was getting worried that it was starting to look like ALIEN so I brought it more to the flea side to get rid of the problem. However after talking to Alan and Phil it turns out the problem with the character is the foundation. For instants the spine isn't working the way it should be, it should be acting more like a question mark shape. This allows the shoulders to go right back, the spine to stick out at the top and have the shape flow into the chained rock form at the bottom.

I have been advised to create some dynamic poses because these are looking to stiff and it will help imagine the character. The character looks a little stumpy because the rocks are too far up so I'm going to give him the ability to extend the tail when needed for bashing and bring it back in for stability.

1 comment:

  1. This is getting clearer the more you work on this but I still it is really symmetrical, especially in the front view (Unless this is the guide you will work from when modelling then it is fine)

    Keep at it, it is becoming more interesting with more and more details added