Thursday, 24 May 2012

Modelling, Rigging and texturing

This was an interesting process, it involved me going back and fourth because I think I move to hastily through each stage which led to problems in the next stages


At first I tried to keep the geometry as simple as possible so that skinning wouldn't become too much of a problem to handle. However to get things to work, I had to return to modelling and sort out the shoulder areas with extra sweeping curve geometry.


For the hair, I used the Dreadlock preset in Fur. This was the first time I had used fur and it was an interesting experience. I took my time in the sorting out the setting until I was happy with it. At this stage I couldn't get the hair to be the colour I wanted but I would sort it later.



Rigging and Skinning turned out to be very difficult! Skinning in perticular was troublesome become vertices ended up all over the place for days. I fixed most of them but in the animation, some of the vertices aren't where they should be.

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