Monday, 7 May 2012

Step by Step guide for myself

Just to keep myself on track with everything, I'm going to but down what I need to have done by the deadline day in just under 3 weeks.

Refine Storyboard - up to a point where the action for every second is set in stone and confirmed. I normally have problems in the animation stage because I do this step too fast. Hopefully by doing this I will know what every frame will look like.

Character Designs for Slash - This is so the modelling stage goes swiftly and precisely. What I want from this, is a design that is simple enough for the modelling and animation purposes but still look iconic enough to look like him from a distance because in the ident, he will be quite small at one point.

Create Turnarounds

Model and colour the Character - Keep in mind that the character must stay simple and with smooth geometry.

Skinning and Rigging - If the previous stage is done right then this stage should be relatively simple. Bare in mind the characters movement isn't going to be a large amount, so a complicated rig is not needed.

Model and Texture other objects in the scene

Find the Music and Sounds

Explosion Tests - This will be an experiment to see what kind of particles can be used and in what way. Also this test will involve how the speaker will be blown up and how Slash will be effected by the blast.

Start Animating

Finish Animating


Post - Production


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