Monday, 7 May 2012

Slash Designs

I've picked Slash as the character for the ident because his look is very iconic. I want to keep a simplified look for the design but keep his iconic look. I have found a coupl eof images online of Slash and then turned them into toonic designs.

Slash's hair and hat is where his iconic look is strongest so I want to consentrate on keeping that look, the rest is not as important.

Default Sheet - I started with a guide size of seven and a half heads in length.

Slash Design one - I like the t-shirt in this image

Slash design three - In this image I liked the jacket and wanted to see what it was like with the t-shirt from above. I think this is quite a nice one. 

Three head Default Sheet

This one was to what it would look like with a stylised version. It okay however it is not good enough for what I need.

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