Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Chosen Theme

I've finally chosen to do the 'Infection of HIV', the process of the infection is the one that standout the most for me. I'm already having multiple ideas for this theme, I plan to develop those ideas into a solid way forward. At the moment my main focus is obtaining the correct information, to make my animation as correct as possible. Once I have this information I plan to dissect the right amount to present to my audience. As of the moment I haven't given much thought on what audience I'm going to choose but I like the idea of going for a more younger region of age groups. The way I can make sure I keep it to this age group, is by keeping the animation mostly visual with little bullet-point facts as the animation progresses. Also the sound effects would have to be quite subtle and not loud, 'scary/jumpy', sounds. The visuals will have to stay relatively colourful; dark colours might not be sutable for the age group.  

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