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This following blog, (http://www.thebody.com/content/art48577.html), has information about the treatment possibilities for HIV, I'm aware that this subject moves away from theme one but there is an animation on this site that I found quite inspiring. It's given me a few ideas on how I can do my animation.

How does the HIV infection work?

The HIV cells take over the cells in out immune system, these cells are call CD4 cells or T4 cells. The CD4 cell's funtion is to scout the area for virus that have entered the body and when its found one, it sends out signals to the rest of the body. When a HIV cell has attached itself to the CD4 cell, the Hiv starts to take over and the functions of the CD4 cell can not work. The HIV digs into the CD4 cell and starts to control that cell. The virus makes the immune system cell make new HIV cells. These new cells are then released into the blood stream at 10,000 cells a minute. These new HIV cells look for new CD4 cells to continue the invasion.

Information recieved from http://www.livepositive.ca/english/the-basics-hiv-4.asp


I had a little bird,

Its name was Enza.

I opened the window,

And in-flew-enza.

—Children's Rhyme, 1918

What's the difference between the Influenza virus and a common cold? This following blog gives some answers...


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