Friday, 29 April 2011

In response to Phil's comment

Phil commented on my previous post and thought that the way that act 1 worked didn't fit in with the rest of the other acts. Fortunately I agree with his comment and I have to - and I quote - "make the microscope feel like 'hardware' - shiny and imposing - like something 'cool'". With this in mind, I thought I should removed the "coming alive" of the microscope and focus on going down the lens. I thought it could be cool to show the inside components of the microscopes, for example like the two following videos:

The Lionsgate Intro

Celine Dion's I'm Alive - Skip to 25 seconds

These videos show the inside world of the mechanism, it could be very interesting to do something like this and I would link well with the rest of the cinematic feel of my piece. However I won't be doing something this extensive, but I could possibly zoom through the glass lenses showing some screws or turning components on the way down.

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