Sunday, 1 May 2011


Sorry for the late post but I've finally come up with a couple of ideas for the Time Machine essay which I plan to get started on straight away. We all wish we could go back in time!

The ideas I've come across are slightly ranged and I like some of the ideas more than others which I wanted to run by you.

1. The movement of 2D animation to 3D animation - as you may remember for the unit 5 essay I wanted to write about John Lassester and his efforts of introducing 3D animation to the world. Well in the end I wrote about Winsor McCay which as you may agree is almost completely in the opposite direction. So I thought I could connect the two, investigating certain movements, techniques, discussion and technologies that allowed us to move the 3D world from the 2D

2. The effects of action in films - basically I wanted to discuss how action scene boost or possibly destroy a film.

3. Does the added influence of romance improve the way the audience perceives the characters involved? - This idea was just a little one that jumped to me, but could be very interesting to look into. I would imagine that different cultures, ages or genders for have different views on a romantic scene in the film they're watching. Obviously this would need a lot of evidence to strengthen the arguement.

4. (my favourite) With this idea I want to look into how different audience react to books vs movies. Which is better and why? What makes a book better? What makes a film better? Who is prefering which?
- With a little research I have noticed that there is a lot of dislike over the film versions of 'ERAGON' and
'Da Vinci Code', however the books were a huge hit. From what I've read, the people that hatted the film the most are the people that read and enjoyed the book. I think it will be interesting to look deeper into the lovers of books and how they see films and argue that point with what the lovers of movies think about books. Fortunatly I have read both 'Eragon' and 'Da vinci code' and loved the books, so I think it would be biased if I focused on that alone. So to back up an honest arguement I looked at the best movies that where created from some pretty bad books. What I found was the books that were the foundation to 'Jaws' and 'The Godfather', where actually bad. Which again I find really interesting because there is a strong contrast - Two of the best-selling books have been made into unpopular movies whereas two of the most grossing movies at the box office where created from some unpopular books.

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  1. Hey Chris - before you go any further ensure you actually read the essay question, which asks you to use key ideas from the lecture series (Enlightenment, Romanticism, Gothic, Psychoanalysis, Modernism (and whatever other BIG ideas where referenced - Industrial revolution, surrealism etc.....) and then apply them to your chosen subject; therefore, your provisional ideas are interesting, but they don't relate to the essay question as written. Start with the BIG idea...