Monday, 16 May 2011

Last couple of days

In the last couple of days I've been modelling and attempting to colour the act one scene, that being the computer room. I wanted this room to look technical and scientific, this is what I managed to model...


The colouring so far isn't going brilliantly, this will be the result of lack of focus in the year when everyone else was learning to do it. So far I have coloured the screens a shiny black and the desks a shiny silver. This will stay like this for awhile because I want to get all modelling done before I get deep into colouring and texturing. I want to improve the shine look because I don't think it shows to well and it looks fake, also I want to keep that colour pallet throughout the room. The blacks and silvers will show this room as a clean and rich facility.

Progress so far

I think that my modelling is coming along very well, I happy with how this room looks and can't wait to crack on with the other areas. The biggest problem though is time, so I have to have everything modelled, textured, coloured and animated by atleast the end of the weeks, because my problem is rendering, and it will involve a lot of time to finish.

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  1. well done mate good modelling so far only thing is that the room feels too symmetrical at the moment unless you intended this