Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The New HIV design

As I showed in my previous post, I liked the idea of having a plane to be the HIV cell but didn't like having something that was someone elses design. With this in mind I created a new plane to take up the roll of the HIV cell. The plane is original, technical and mechanical with a slight look of a alien aircrafts. I really like having this design as my HIV cell because it fits in very well with my technology look animation and would work perfectly for an action and flight for act 2.


  1. Chris - I think you need to draw your idea a little closer to the virus shape itself; the stealth design is very iconic, so you can make your point and satisfy Peter Klappa; bear in mind, none of this new direction has been seen or approved of by the client...

  2. I understand this I know tha for this idea to be precieved well then I will have to do a pretty damn good job at it for it to 'Sell'. I really like this idea and want to keep to it. However I was worried about the design being a little too 'ironic'. I think that's because I've been seeing the cell as an alien aircraft rather than an alien cell as a metaphor. I will work on making it a bit for alien.