Thursday, 12 May 2011

Feedback from the Pitch and my new To-Do-List

My presentation for the pitch could have gone better, as was seen the amount of work I've put in the last 5 weeks has been rather limited. The feedback I got from the panel will come in useful. I was told that my colour scheme needed to work throughout the animation. Also the acts don't link to each other, they all seem like they're part of different pieces of work. So my main problem to solves is I have to make sure I can make all acts link together. To solve this I thought about keeping the technology of the first act flowing though animation. For inspiration I took another look at Ironman and I came up with a few ideas. I now want the first act to show a couple of computer screens on a polished desk with the microscope and other scientific equipment. I want it to look like similar Tony Starks basement room. The computer screens will be designed around the screens in the film, so it will have moving downloads and renders of a bloodsample and HIV information constantly happening. This heads up information will continue as the animation moves to act 2. this act needs more improvements to it because it was said that the movements needed to be quicker, there needed to be better editing of shots and the whole act needed to be shortened down so that act 3 (the education) was longer. Inside the white blood cell (act 3) will look simular to Ironman's  research lab, I would like the nucleus to look like an extreme power source. The HIV and the White blood cell will look like its made from metal and still have the heads up display.

When looking at everyone's pitches, I realised that my animation was way to boring, it was to obvious to be fun. I was inspired by Dayle's concept art. I liked how out of this world it looked, and I now want to do something that will take the audience out of this world and warp them into a technologically advanced world, the asme as what the film Ironman did for me.


  • Create more and better concepts to develop the world I want to create - This needs to be dramatic, exciting and technological - More research would need ot be involved for this, looking at films like fantastic voyage again, Alien, and Ironman. - I will also need to look up tutorials on how to get the most out of these concepts. - Fix the colour scheme for the animation, make it dark/light/Dirty/Clean/Green (more alien like) but keep it running through.
  • I need to research into more amaerican tv and action films - this was reconmended by Phil.
  • Keep the original story as a basis but advance it into the new ideas - create a rough storyboard if needed.
  • Find a better soundtrack, previous soundtrack got a lot of negative feedback
  • Look for After Effects and Maya tutorials for inspiration and ease to help with this possibly hard task.
  • Try experimenting with backgrounds for the Maya scene to extend the visual field.
  • Find Videos and book tutorials of Dramatic Camera Angles to help with act 2.
  • Re-model everything that needs to be done.
  • Create the textures and colours for the models - keep the drama and colour scheme.
  • Animate it all - keep in mind the the action, editing potentials and over all feel of the animation - make it look exciting.
  • Take the animaiton into After effects and put those necessasary effects on - heads up display, etc.

It is a very big list to get thorugh in just 2 weeks, and if I look back at what I've done in 5 weeks, it becomes very daunting. But also at the same time it's inspiring, because I have something to prove to myself and everyone else. I know that I can get this done and I want to create what I see in my head. If I don't get the whole thing done, it could be a little disapointing. However it is a big list and involves 100% dedacation. I feel that this year I haven't done anywhere as near as what I could achieve, I know have 2 weeks to prove what I can do... Overall that Pitch has become very useful for me and I extremely glad we did it.

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