Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The HIV modelling process

When it comes to the model of the HIV cell I wanted to make it fit with the rest of the animation. So far for a new design I wanted to have something that is known for being technical and mechanical. Also the design has to be shaped in a way that if it was to turn then it is highly visible, like a plane.

With this in mind, I modelled a stealth plane...

I also had a little practice with colouring and lighting.

After modelling the stealth plane, I started to think that this idea takes the originality out of my animation. So I want to re-design the HIV cell again. But seeing as a took the time to model it, I thought I could do a quick flight playblast for some practice for the final thing.


  1. stealth plane sounds interesting because we can instantly recognise that it is designed to move around silently and undetected

    good influence and totally different to what other people have done so sounds cool :)

  2. indeed - I'm liking this big, bold re-invention, Chris - but just ensure that your metaphor doesn't eclipse the content. I see now reason why it should - but yes, an actual stealth bomber is most definitely a step too far! :D