Friday, 13 May 2011

New concept

After my feedback for the pitch, I realised that I could do a lot more with this project than I first thought. I was told that my acts don't link together, they look like they are parts of different animations. I previously re-watched Ironman and had an idea to link the acts via a style of technology. I want my main focus to lie on the white blood cell and what goes on inside, and I want to design the nucleus of the cell to look like the Large Arc Reactor in Ironman's lab. I want to keep this Ironman technology feel throughout, so for the first act, I want a three screened computer in a room that looks like the basement in yet again Ironman. These screens will display a 3d blood sample slowly spinning around with information sub-dividing from it ( like the head up displays and computers than are seen in the film.
Other feedback that I had was that the Act 2 wasn't showing the amount of action that was promised, I was told that it need to work on editing and camera angles to improve that action feel. I also need to have that act finish quicker than it does, so that act three has enough time to show the education.

This new turn around will involve a lot of work and to start off, I have done this concept to show how I'm visualising this nucleus in the technology style...

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